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Comic Projects

Here you have a collection of my most recent comics.


A mix of short school projects, longer comics and works still in progress.

Zak Zombie is my bachelor comic project in which I created the first chapter of what's going to be an action comedy mini series following Zak;

a malcontended highschooler turned zombie and striving fight club champion, who's hoping to find meaning in life through bloody intertainment. 

A one-week short project from 2016, meant to be a balls to the wall action comedy with sex, blood and monsters.

The story follows a pretentious photographer/vampire slayer who's sent to a bdsm club to weed out a vampire in disguise. 

The story is inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe and is a marriage between his work and shonen manga.

I like the aesthetic and the premise so much that I want to create a longer more well-thoughout version of the story some day. 

Art Sucks

Trekløver is a danish graphic novel I'm currently working on.

Originally it was developed in school and named "Lucky Trefoil" after the band which is the story's focus.

The stoy follows a mediocre band made up off three dysfunctional friends who're dead set on becoming famous.

Lucky Trefoil

Immortal Suicidal

A short dark comedy strip-comic developed in school.

Follows Holger; a pitiful teen who longs for the one thing he can never have: 

the sweet release of death.

A small slife of life story featuring magical realism.

A two page comic showcasing the end of the world.

A short concept comic

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